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Tapes sorted by alphabetical label (and increasing catalogue number/date), with names in the description. My tape collection is probably going to be complete, but only vapor records/cds will be here. You'll also notice I have possibly the worst luck with cracked cases :( Seperated into pages of 8-10 (which is still kinda large but just imagine its like dialup)

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Lost Angles 3D BLAST 爆風 - Pioneer
waterfront dining - Passion Beach
Various Artists - Comfort Zone Remixes: FLORAL SHOPPE
Various Artists - Comfort Zone Remixes: luxury elite
Midnight Moon Tapes tech noir - 未來的夢想
§E▲ ▓F D▓G§ - In Search Of God
Chinese Hackers - Selfless
Pursuing Paradise - Lust and the Downward Spiral
Diskette Romances - Diskette Romances / Keys To The Suite
Naughty Night Records 猫 シ Corp. and Stereo Component - Ocean Beach
회사AUTO - ™Ç
회사AUTO - ╰☆╮
회사AUTO - Longing & Passion ⌘42
회사AUTO - カスタマーサービスLine✆NE
회사AUTO - ストリート知性dream​.​boxx
New World futurebandit - Virtual Memory
worldgrinder - Echochamber
KAHN 美的 - Fake City
≈Pool≈Water≈ / Pirates of the High Frequencies - Trillenium Dystopia;
SHENZHEN GLOBAL - 私は眠っているだけです
echochamber - i'm real, i'm here
Orange Milk Records death's dynamic shroud.wmv - CLASSROOM SEXXTAPE
Nmesh - Pharma
Plastic Response Records 猫 シ Corp. - Late Night Stereo
회사AUTO - Neon Beige
Nmesh - Welcome To Warp Zone!
Tech Noir - The Collection
회사AUTO - Greatest Hits
Plus 100 t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 - 永遠の愛 / あなたの愛
仮想夢プラザ - 夢愛
Vaperror - Acid EP
Golden Living Room - Splash Realistique
Remember - Welcome To Axico Industries
Spectral Blissonance TELOZKOPE - Translucent Blueprint/Betwixt
TELOZKOPE - Equanaimo / Cloud Aisles
TELOZKOPE - Attoutekina / Deep Breeze
Sunset Recordings ショッピングワールドjp & SAINT PEPSI - Winner's Circle
OMI5 - a world alone
VHSテープリワインダー - Forgotten Passions
pure light - ߣ≠©«¡ø≈¥αåø
Sangam - Purpose
Digital Sex - Digital Sex
Cosmic Cycler - Manhattan
Hypermedia - Exosphere
digitalage - lotusflowers
This Aint Heaven Recording Concern Golden Living Room - Plug In, Drop Out
Golden Living Room - New Nostalgia
Golden Living Room - Welcome Home
Various Artists - Post-Internet Remixes

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