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I'll be revamping this shortly, my collection is in a few places atm since I just moved and am starting uni in a few weeks! i do want to have a picture of my collection at some point but that time is not now.

Update 2: I'm halfway through college but I dont have the vast majority of my collection at any given time (YOU try explaining a 200+ tape collection to your roomate...); I might update this every so often but even though my tape intake has slowed down a lot it will only change if I have loads of spare time back at home!

Tapes sorted by alphabetical label (and increasing catalogue number/date), with names in the description. My tape collection is probably going to be complete, but only vapor records/cds will be here. You'll also notice I have possibly the worst luck with cracked cases :( Seperated into pages of 8-10 (which is still kinda large but just imagine its like dialup)

Misc music links:

My complete collection

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Antifur DJ VLAD - Hardvapour.
Flash / DJ Mogilevich / Одеса / Biosynthesis - Sounds of Underground Vol. 1
Chungking Mansions - There is Truth in Fiction
BARO Records HKE & t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 - Gateway アセンション
Bedlam Tapes Pursuing Paradise - Adult Contemporary Novel
Windows 98の - The Dream Can't Last Forever Trilogy
Dante Mars Ajeto! - Celebrating Digital Artifacts
Bonus Fruit - Dissatisfied
General Translator - Contemporary
Hantasi - Vacant Places
Hantasi - SQUID
회사AUTO - HyperMedia ~P☯P~
§E▲ ▓F D▓G§ - Rain Dance
Christa Lee - Welcome To The Fantasy Zone
Rez & ArtFluids - Brøderbund Software Library Deluxe
death's dynamic shroud.wmv - RPGウィンドウズ ビスタ
tech noir - 齐
Dante Mars Ajeto! - Life Enterprises
Beer Wizard §E▲ ▓F D▓G§ - WEAK WAVES EP
BLCR 2047 - 살과 피
Sandtimer - In Search Of The Chessmaster
Darksleep - Identity Ender
t e l e p a t h and HKE - 愛慕 / 悲哀
New Future - 2057
t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 - 断線
아버지 - reflection
Subaeris - Transcendent God
Lillith双生 - (Season_2) Limb
No Death X Sangam - Waiting At The Gates
Future City Love Stories - Future City Love Stories
Business Casual Various Artists - Digital Office One
chris††† - frasierwave
Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza - Daily Night Euphoria EP
chris††† - 7年后
Various Artists - Digital Office Two
bl00dwave - dream
chris††† - new wounds
シルクP A N G E A - CLIMATE グローバル
Various Artists - Anniversary Vol. 1
Pursuing Paradise - Memories
bl00dwave - hotel vibes
chris††† - a better place
Various Artists - Digital Office Three
コンシャスTHOUGHTS - Sun, Sea and Surfing
Cobalt Road - Purgatory
haircuts for men - 大理石のファンタジー
Various Artists - Anniversary Vol. 3
Dan Mason ダン·メイソン - Summer Love
hyphyskazerbox - E Street
Various Artists - Digital Office Four
hyphyskazerbox- Rejection Vignettes (And Other Somber Ideas)
hyphyskazerbox - Royalty (Two Faced)
Various Artists - BIZC100
Crystaltone E n t i t y - Dream EP
Blank Goofee - Blank Goofee 0
LILLITH双生 - (SEASON_1) Deathpowder.
Sangam - Suppose To Be...
Dream Catalogue Chungking Mansions - ShowView
Renjā - Kokoro
Various Artists - The Eternal Dream System Remember - ルートバックホーム
Jade Statues - Executive Towers
회사AUTO - 仙Android
Chungking Mansions - 安全出口EXIT空间和时间
Nmesh and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 - ロストエデンへのパス
4D Entity - Extra-Dimensional Terrestrials
VHSテープリワインダー - Red Light District
death's dynamic shroud.wmv - I'll Try Living Like This (NUWRLD Version)
wosX - End Of World Rave
Sandtimer - Vaporwave Is Dead
Hantasi - Pipes
Flash Kostivich - Hacking For Freedom
Immune - Breathless
Winter Sleep - Dreams
Diamondstein - The Ridges
Ruf Dug - Treatment 32
Yoshimi - Tokyo Restricted Area
DJ Alina - Maniax
Lillith双生 - (Season_0) Hazard Garden
Shima33 - Release
wosX - Brasil World Cup 2034
チェスマスター ‎– I Am Chesumasuta
仮想夢プラザ - 夢市
CVLTVRE - Surreal
Equip - I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky
Sangam - You Forget This
FANTASY DELUXE Western Digital - Wasted Digital
Illuminated Paths SAINT PEPSI & luxury elite - LATE NIGHT DELIGHT
회사AUTO - new.age∮86
Miami Vice - Palm Haze
Pilot Dave - Mid Flight With Pilot Dave
Topaz Gang - Platinium Collection -Triple Album Plus!-
회사AUTO - -Q-
YlangYlang / Tech Noir - Hardcore -Unreleased Mutualism- EP / 招財進寶
Topaz Gang - Platinum Collection

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