These are an ecclectic collection of photos that I've taken around. If you want to see anything in a higher res, simply click on the thumbnail. The link goes to the source un-shrunk image. If you do use a photo for whatever reason, either get in contact with me via email to tell me or leave some credit linking back to me!

I thought I had already started to move some stuff to imgur, but I guess it got reverted. :( The images are simply moving off of my neocities, no changes otherwise (Thumbnails will probably look worse/different sized, so bear with that)

high luxury date
midnight takeout December 28th, 2015
cup の joe December 28th, 2015
HYPER capitalist January 24th, 2016
home to visit date
forgotten dreams January 7th, 2016
error 404 life not found December 28, 2015
アルバムTWO (ウイイヂイイ 2 0 0 9 - 的心情秘密)


SΞAPVNK March 5th, 2016
☐拉☐ date
|| wellian date
VHSスノー date shot / March 8th, 2016 edited
√CASIO VL-1 March 14th, 2016
♫∞ frequencies♫ March 14th, 2016
late-night taxi December 28th, 2015
复市中心 March 18th, 2016
戦争スーリ March 21th, 2016
BUY NOW!!! <v a l u> マクセル Carry Case March 25th, 2016
concierge January 2016
Visualization December 29th, 2015
The Sun Rises Behind the Skyline on Another Beautiful Day July 1st, 2016
v a p o r c l o u d s July 2nd, 2016
Jade Towers July 2nd, 2016
ϴrbital June 30th, 2016